Friday, November 13, 2009

Where does all the time go?

Holy cow, November already! Here's a run-down of the latest happenings:

Miss Mayerly decided that it is much better to listen to her teacher (and her Mom & Dad) than it is to never get to watch TV, do extra work around the house, and get your birthday celebration cancelled. - Okay, confession time, we ended up eating the cake the Tuesday night after her birthday (we'd already baked it and decorated it the night before her birthday) and we did pictures of her blowing out candles - but she had two consecutive good reports from her teacher before that happened. She also got her birthday gift after she had five consecutive days of good reports from her teacher. Actually, she now has over three weeks straight with good reports from her teacher! She can be a very good girl when she wants to be... she's just incredibly stubborn (and learning that her Mom is even more stubborn).

Oscar's face (remember the Bell's Palsy?) is back to normal now. He can eat and drink and blink and smile - the whole nine yards. Amazing the little things we take for granted... Thank you to all who prayed for his quick recovery.

Diana will start vision therapy soon. We had to take her to an osteopathic doctor first before we started the therapy. She has her second appointment with the osteopath next week and then I'll set up the weekly vision therapy appointments. Diana is really struggling in her 2nd grade class. She is in ELL, and is starting Title I reading and goes to 1st grade for extra help with reading too. I also talked to the school counselor about getting Diana (actually all the girls) tested to receive speech therapy. All our kids have Spanish language developmental delays and were receiving speech therapy in Colombia. I now know that the reason that I had such a hard time understanding them in the first few months is because they didn't pronounce things correctly in Spanish - and my Spanish wasn't good enough to pick up on that at first. That, and they talked really fast... Anyway, I'm thinking that Diana and Claudia especially need speech therapy. Now that they mix Spanish and English, I can't figure out if they are mispronouncing a word in Spanish or in English - right now I can't understand much of anything either of them say! Oscar and Mayerly have better pronounciation in Spanish and English, so I can usually figure out their Spanglish!

Claudia is doing very well in kindergarten according to her teacher (big change from last year), and is starting to spell some simple words. My favorite is when she says "M-O-M spewls Mama". Cracks me up. Oscar just rolls his eyes and shakes his head...

Last week, the girls all had bad colds and Tim and I got bronchitis and sinus infections. Oscar just had a very mild cold. Everyone is recovering now, but last week was pretty lousy on the health front. At least we didn't get the pig flu...