Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May in a Nutshell

After we got home from Colombia, I vowed (if only to myself) to try to post at least every month.  Here it is the last day of May and I haven't posted a thing :).
  • Earlier this month, I took a picture of my Mother's Day loot, and planned to post it, but obviously that never happened.
  • I've been to more doctor/dentist/therapy appointments this past month than I've ever been to (within a month) over the 2+ years since we brought the kids home.  We had the 4 days per week of the usual therapies and then we all went to the dentist, pediatrician and Oscar went to the orthodontist.
  • Last week was the final week of school for all the kiddos, I had to go to software training for my job.  Grandmas, Grandpa, and Dad got to run the kids to doctors and therapies.  I actually got a full 40 hours in that week...
  • Summer day camp starts tomorrow.  The kids are excited about swimming, visits to the public library and weekly field trips.  This year all four kids will be at the same camp for the first time - that will save Tim and me a lot of driving.
In other news, Oscar and Diana have been on a mini-campaign lately.  Oscar wants a brother, Diana wants a brother AND a sister.  Tim and I haven't totally ruled out the possiblity of a second adoption - BUT WE DON'T PLAN TO ADOPT AGAIN AT THIS POINT IN TIME.  I just don't know how I would fit the paperwork into my already packed schedule - and that doesn't even take into account the cost of adoption - or the fact that we are at our financial capacity right now (paying the private schools, doctors and therapists).  I don't think my lack of availability at this time would be conducive to the bonding that needs to take place after a 'new' adoption either.  We just keep telling them 'no' - for now...