Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

We went to church first on Christmas morning, so didn't get around to opening gifts until afterward.  Before you start feeling too sorry for our poor, mistreated children (haha) - you should know that they got (entirely too much) stuff from their Grandma Schoemig on Christmas Eve.  And after we opened gifts at our house Christmas Day, we went over to Grandma & Grandpa Verhulst's house and they got more (a Nintendo Wii with a charger and 4 controllers).

Tim and I (okay, I - since Tim doesn't shop for any gift other than mine) didn't go nuts on Christmas this year.  However, as you will see below, I think the kids were happy to get what they got from us.

Now she has the big pillow pet, the small pillow pet and the matching slippers...

Oscar with his iPod Touch and a new zip-up hoodie...

...and the matching slippers for Claudia too.

A penguin hat and gloves for Diana (she has a serious penguin addiction).

Dog treats and toys are unveiled for Hank and Hanai.


...and this is what we saw - pretty much for the rest of the day (or at least until the batteries died).