Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mayerly's 8th Birthday

Well, this is where I would normally post pictures of Mayerly's birthday celebration. Unfortunately, there was no celebration last night. We have had an ongoing problem with Mayerly listening to us at home and to her teacher at school. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say that the past 2 weeks she has had more bad reports from school than good ones.

She had been warned repeatedly all week not to continue this misbehavior (and grounded from her favorite activities and has had added chores to do around the house when she received bad reports). Well, yesterday (which was her birthday) she had another bad report from school - so we had to follow through with our threat to cancel her birthday celebration.

We are more disappointed than many of you probably are about not having happy birthday, candle-blowing-out pictures (especially since this is our first birthday with her). But we couldn't make our threat to cancel her birthday celebration an empty one either. She WILL start listening to the adults in charge of her, or her life is not going to be very much fun for awhile.

So, instead of posting birthday pictures, I'm posting the girls' school pictures. We just got all of them back this week. I think they turned out pretty well (better than any of mine ever were).


Dan & Karen said...

Why, oh why can't they just decide to listen!? We are still working on our 10 year old and his bad decisions concerning his behavior. He has missed many things because of his behavior. Problem is punishing him also punishes us sometimes (and his siblings). You're doing the right thing even though it's hard on everyone. Don't give up!

The girls school pictures are good! I don't remember mine ever looking good.

Meghan said...

Sorry to hear about the canceled celebration. I know it's trite, but I guess sometimes parents are right when they say, "It hurts me more than it hurts you" I am sure your consistency will pay off in the long run. The pictures are very cute! Mine were always mediocre at very best.