Monday, February 8, 2010

Anniversary, Therapy and Education

I finally bought a laptop! Yippee! Now I don't have to wait for a sunny or warm weekend to blog or check my email or do my household budget or ...

Just thinking outloud...
I often struggle with how much to "share" on the blog about certain aspects of our family's life. I feel a responsibility to keep much of our kids' information somewhat private, but then I also feel somehow compelled to be open and honest about the challenges and problems we have had over the past year. However, I also don't intend for it to sound as though everything is always rosey at the Verhulst house (we have our ups and downs). I usually err on the side of caution and hold back quite a bit, since once you post something on the net it's pretty much out there for anyone to see - forever. Just so you know. I have answered some specific questions occasionally by email.


As I said in our last post, we celebrated our one-year-at-home anniversary on February 4th. It wasn't anything really big, just pizza for dinner (which the kids cannot get enough of) and a "family" gift of a Vtech V Flash game system (it's an 'edutainment' system that I found on for $75 - including 4 games). It was a big hit because the kids love all things electronic and Mom and Dad are happy because it entertains and educates them at the same time.


Things have been going very slowly with Oscar's home-schooling (mainly reading, he is almost caught up to where he should be in math) - to the point that we had him tested to see if he has some real learning problems. It turns out that he does. We are going to be sending him to an audiologist and optometrist for further testing. We started him on a therapy called Interactive Metronome this week. We are also looking into special education schools to possibly enroll Oscar in next school year. The schools we are looking at have small class sizes, incorporate occupational therapy, and other therapies as needed and have the goal of getting the kids ready to return to traditional school. We visit the first one this Thursday morning.

Diana started her vision therapy at the beginning of January. She enjoys going because she views it as "play time". She talks it up so much with her sisters that Mayerly asks me all the time, "When do I get to go to the doctor?". I told her that she goes to the doctor in April (time for shots again), probably not what she had in mind...


We went to the girls' school tonight for parent/teacher conferences. Everyone seems to be making good progress. Mayerly's teacher even reported that she almost never has trouble with her not listening to instructions now (ah, finally a pay-off for all that discipline). Claudia's teacher just loves all the girls (they were all in her class April-May of last year). Diana's teacher is having a baby before the end of the year (she's due in April). Diana really likes her teacher, so I hope she does okay with the substitute that she will have for the last month and a half of this school year. She doesn't usually take too well to change.


A said...

Oscar's almost caught up in math? That is AWESOME! A huge accomplishment!! Here's a link to some fun games

Meghan said...

It sounds like the kids are all making great progress. That is too funny that Mayerly really wants to go to the vision doctor. That must be a good therapist to be able to make it fun and useful. Good luck in choosing a school for Oscar.

I enjoy all adoption blogs, but I really enjoy the ones that show the whole experience "warts and all" the best. Yours is definitely one of my favorites. I think how much to share is always going to be tricky, but I really like that you balance the love you obviously have for your kids with some "today we had challenges" posts. As a waiting parent, I think it helps me think more realistically about how things may be when we come home and some ideas for how to deal with certain issues we might have. I think also just as a person, blogs can make you feel like everyone else has a perfect home, family, life, etc. The ones that show ups and downs seems more real to me so I think you are doing a great job.

And congrats on your laptop. That's going to be a great addition to your life! Although we are so laptop-dependent at this point. We are really wondering if we can live with just one while in Colombia or if we should bring both. I think we will end up with one due to space, but I have to think about if using Jason's laptop is going to make me angry every single time and what that's worth.

Meghan said...

Wow, I wrote a book. Sorry!

Dan and Karen said...

I struggle a little with what to write too. I know that for me it was so helpful to read other blogs before we got our boys to get a glimpse of what we may be experiencing. Even now it is helpful to read that we're not the only ones struggling at times. It is a delicate balance and I'm sure I don't always get it right. Thanks for keeping up the blog and let us follow along on your adventures!