Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Costume Party

Claudia "Ingalls", Oscar (Millonarios Colombian soccer team), Diana aka "Miss Colombia", and a really big butterfly who answers to "Mayerly"

Tonight we went to a costume party at our church to benefit the Future Hope Orphanage in Liberia (Africa).  Our kids were very excited about getting to wear a costume and go to a party.  I'm glad we are actually able to go due to all our appointments and activities (therapies, doctors, karate, etc.).

We bought one toy for a boy and one toy for a girl (ones that fit into the palm of your hand and don't require batteries) that each of our kids will send to the orphans in Africa.  The gifts need to be small so that the missionary taking them to Africa can easily pack them all in his suitcase.


Meghan said...

Very cute and creative costumes! Little House on the Prairie was my favorite when I was a kid so I love that one especally.

Tim and Anne said...

That sun bonnet was mine when I was a kid :-).