Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oscar & Diana's "School Pictures"

Today all the kids were out of school for Thanksgiving Break.  Mayerly went to our developmental optometrist for an eye screening in the morning.  She has been having some trouble with reading, so we made the appointment last month right after parent/teacher conferences.  She'll be getting glasses soon.  She has a problem similar to Oscar's (a convergence insufficiency - sees double at close range).  Hopefully, the glasses will help her with her reading.  She is supposed to wear them anytime she is indoors according to the optometrist.  We should get them in a week or two.

Hanai went to the groomer.  She isn't crazy about it because it is in the vet's office.  But she looks (and smells) really good now. :-)

I ran several other errands which included picking up pictures we had taken at the beginning of the month of the kids and all their cousins on my (Anne's) side of the family.  I bought a CD of them with copyright release so I can post them.  Since Oscar and Diana's school is so small, they don't get school pictures like Mayerly and Claudia did - so I had the photographer take some of those two by his/her self.  Here are the ones I chose:

The rest of the pictures are Christmas gifts, so I can't post them now.  I will post one that didn't make the final selection cut:

Thanksgiving dinner is at our house tomorrow, so I need to get the kids in bed so I can start some stuff tonight!

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deanna willett said...

What beautiful kids. Happy Thanksgiving.