Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas

We spent Christmas Eve at my (Anne's) sister's house with my family.  Christmas morning after breakfast we open gifts at our house and then we go over to Tim's mom's house for Christmas dinner.  Claudia and Mayerly sang a song with the other kids in their Sunday school class for the Christmas service at church this morning.  They had to hold up letters that spelled out CHRISTMAS.  Claudia had the letters R and I, Mayerly had M and A.  The only part of any of this that I have pictures of is opening gifts at our house.

Before the ripping mayhem...

Mini remote control helicopters

Why do I need these?!?! (elbow and knee pads) 

Roller skates all around for the girls

Even Hanai and Hank get a little raw-hide sumpin'-sumpin'.

Flying a tiny 'copter

The "big kid" takes a turn; and Hanai wants to catch that "dragonfly"!


Wendi and Benjamin Wood said...

Fun! Love the group photo at the top! Beautiful!

Ange said...

Yes, that photo is adorable!

Dan and Karen said...

Great pictures! Some things you just have to remember without the photos. :)