Saturday, July 23, 2011

Diana's 11th Birthday

Okay, so I didn't post for the whole month of June and broke my monthly posting streak...

But, we finally got around to getting our ISP changed over (thus saving us $45 per month), but it left us without internet service for several weeks while the old service phased out, the new service connected (took two trips to our house by at&t for some reason) and then working out our 'incompatible hardware' issues.  I install everything myself, because I normally won't pay someone to do something I can do myself... but it does create some inconveniences.

As the title of this post suggests, today was Diana's birthday.  We didn't do much today.  It was so horribly hot outside, we just stayed in.  I baked a pineapple upside-down cake first thing this morning before it got too hot.  After that I made homemade pineapple sherbet to go with it.  For dinner we let Dino pick out her own pizzas from Pizza Hut (cheese for one, super supreme for the other).  Grandma Schoemig came over and ate with us.  Then she opened her presents and we called it a day.  Can't believe this is our 3rd birthday with her, time sure does fly.

9th Birthday
Diana's 10th Birthday
11th Birthday
 Tim and Oscar goofing around with Diana's new doll clothes.
I think she liked the stuffed penguin we got her.

She got a double dose of 'Tangled' from the grandparents (Verhulst & Schoemig)

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Ange said...

She is looking so grown up! Happy birthday!