Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bringing Out the Good

There's just something about adoption that brings out the best in good people.  We have had everyone from family, to good friends, to complete strangers donate to our adoption fund, or host an adoption fundraiser, or support whatever our current fundraiser is.  It's been very humbling and encouraging to witness.

Our kids are even getting into the act.  We are gathering things from around our house (and taking donations too if you live in the KC metro area) to sell in a garage sale fundraiser next weekend.  The kids have even handed over items that they want us to sell to help bring their new brother home.  Not just junk, but things that should bring a fair amount of money.  So sweet!

Our daughter Diana even gave us the money that was in her coin bank (about $10) to help bring Zane home.  Claudia gives me her loose change too.  It's all very sweet and greatly appreciated :).

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Richard and Stacey Sanders said...

I love hearing how excited your kids are about Zane...especially Oscar. We will be excited as well to watch your journey and hopefully be a part of it :) I wish we were home because I would have had things to donate for your garage sale.