Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going Home

All of us in the back yard at El Refugio The kids with Rosita, one of the ladies who works at the B&B

Sorry, we haven´t been able to post for a couple of days. The computer at the B&B got a virus and was out for repair. We didn´t do it...

Over the weekend we just hung out at the B&B waiting to go to the US Embassy on Monday. We did a little last minute shopping and took the kids out for ice cream at Mimi´s and pizza at Pizza Hut (yeah there is one here within walking distance). Sunday was cold and rainy.

On Monday we left for the embassy right after breakfast (about 9am). There, we gave them all our paperwork and waited in line to be called up to one of the windows. They called our name and we went up to the window where the agent had to lay eyes on each of the kids. She then told them they could sit down. Then I (Anne) had to answer a couple of questions and sign my name four times (once for each of the kids). We then got to pay for all the visas at another window. After that we had to sit down and wait again for them to call our name again. When they did, the lady told me that they would have the visas ready the next day at 3:30pm and she also had to look at each one of the kids again. Then we went back to the B&B - that was at about 1pm.

Today I went to the embassy and picked up the visas and paperwork for US Immigration in Atlanta (Tim stayed home and entertained the kids at the park). The guy at the window remembered me from the day before. I don´t think it is often that they see people adopting four kids. He wished us the best for our new family.

That was the last piece of paperwork. We are done here. Our flight schedule was confirmed this morning. We are leaving Bogota early Wednesday morning. See you in KC...

-Tim & Anne


CathyO said...

Awww, praying for your trip to be uneventful...bet the kids are excited to see their new rooms and home. By the time you get this I will be in Columbia (MISSOURI) getting my new knees! Looking forward to meeting the kids, will contact you when I am able.

Jeff said...

Have a safe trip at home!!!! It looks like your trip was a wonderful adventure better than the one Anne had in Mexico. I am sure the kids wont be able to sleep and they want to see their home and rooms.. YOu need to post pictures of that. Ninos feliz viaje!!! Disfrutenlo mucho!!! Are the ready to see snow??? Listos para ver la Nieve!!!!
I know the first months are going busy adjusting to everything so hopefully we can meet somewhere so we get to meet your kids when you are more settle.

Take care!!!! Welcome Home!!