Friday, January 30, 2009

Facatativa and South Bogota

These pictures are from the town of Facatativa (or Faca to locals) this is the town where Oscar,Diana & Mayerly were born. It is a small town (those in Bogota told me) of about 100,000 people & very scenic, with brick streets leading to the square.
I (Tim) spent all day Thurs with our attorney, Oscar. We had to pick up all four birth certificates & then have these changed to our last name. The day started out in south Bogota at the Civil Registration office, for Claudia´s birth certificate, she was the only one born in Bogota. We then had to drive 45 minutes west to Facatativa, where the other three were born. We had to go to two different offices, wait to get their last names officially changed, then to the bank for notarized copies. We then headed back to Bogota to pick up Claudia´s changed birth certificate & to the bank.
We left the B&B at 7am & I got back around 4pm, but their last names are officially changed to Verhulst. It was quite interesting dealing with Colombia Civil Registration, it takes a lot of patience. It sure helps to have an attorney like Oscar, it was amazing how fast he could get things done & how he seemed to know everyone.


Jeff said...

hey!! It sounds that you are taking a good break in Colombia!!!. Every single picture is wonderful. Jeff, Nicole and I were looking at the pictures and when Nicole saw the airplane at the park she said a long...Woow!!!. Time is flying are you ready to go back home!!! I bet the kids can wait.

Enjoy your warm weather guys!!!

Paul & Chris Sinclair said...

Hi Anne and Tim!
Hola from Pereira. Wow you get to go home on Wednesday! I'm glad things are going good for you! We look forward to all of our children meeting eachother! God bless you and see you soon!
Paul & Chris