Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Another Day in the Life

So we finally had Mayerly and Claudia's annual visit to the pediatrician.  Mayerly is still a little on the small side, the doctor wants to recheck her again next year and thought we may want to consider growth hormone if she is still in the 2nd percentile next year.  Not sure I'm on board with that, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it - if we come to it.  Who knows, maybe she will shoot up this year.  Claudia's growth was more in line with what the doctor expected.

Mayerly got one shot, Claudia got two.  Those weren't as bad as last year.  One unexpected development, Claudia had a bead stuck in her right ear. It was kind of odd that she hadn't done very well with the hearing test (in her right ear only).  I was a little concerned, but then it all made sense when the doctor actually looked in her ear and found a little white bead lodged in there!

The nurse put drops in first and then used a huge syringe with water in it to try to irrigate it out - neither worked.  So finally the doctor had to take some instuments and pick the bead out.  I have no idea what would possess her to stick a bead in her ear, but after having to have it picked out (with me and a nurse holding her down as the doctor picked) - hopefully she won't do something like that again.  The doctor tried to reassure me that she has had to pick foreign objects out of many of her patients.  I remember sticking a bean up my nose when I was little, so I guess she could be right about that.  I just can't believe Claudia didn't tell anyone that she had a bead stuck in her ear... who knows how long it had been there - I suspect it was any time within the past 2 weeks, that's went Diana got a beading kit from her vision therapy doctor for therapy "homework".  The pediatrician gave us the bead in a little cup as a "momento" of our visit today...

While I was at the doctor with the younger two, my mom had the older two (the girls' school is out today for some reason, so we sent Diana to Grandma's house with Oscar this morning).  After we were finished at the doctor's office we went to get Diana.  We took her and Oscar and Grandma and all went to lunch at McDonald's (they don't love the food, just the toy in the happy meal).  We had a nice little visit with Grandma and Oscar and then dropped them back at Grandma's house so they could continue Oscar's lessons.

Next, we came home and Claudia fed the dogs (her daily "job").  After that we turned right around and took Hank to the vet to have blood drawn from him to send to MU for the chemo drug study.  Hank hates the vet and will usually sit on my foot in the waiting room and just shake until we leave.  We thankfully were not there very long, and Hank was never so happy.  All this before 2:00 in the afternoon...

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Dan and Karen said...

Isn't it just great that you never know what will happen next? :)