Thursday, January 15, 2009


Sorry, no pictures with this post. We just got all the kids into bed and are not taking a chance on waking them up by digging through the closet looking for the camera ;-).

I (Anne) have got to say that I could definitely live in the Latin American culture (this being my second major trip in that region). The people tell you that they will be there to pick you up at 8:45 and they may show up by 9:00. My mother used to tell me that I would be late to my own funeral - so this is not a problem for me. Tim on the other hand, likes to be on time and therefore spends a lot of time pacing and looking at his watch. My kind of people, Tim (in this regard) not so much. He´s handling his American tendencies well though.

Anyway, back to the Encuentro, we arrived a little late. As it turns out, that didn´t matter because the kids arrived very late. We did a little interview with the psychologist with ICBF and she did a run down on each of the kids. The only piece of information that we got that was new was their reactions to Tim and me wanting to adopt them. The first thing they said was "all four of us?" and they told them yes, all of you. They have evidently been very excited and counting the days until we came for them.

They made for us a little picture album with pictures of them at the orphanage. The front cover has what I can only describe as a "claymation" rendering of us all as a family. It´s very cute and they put a lot of thought into its design. Amazingly, they also still had the toys we sent to them for Christmas and even the photo albums (well worn and with pages missing) we sent with our dossier back in September. They also had a few other toys that (I hope) the orphanage sent with them. No clothes, only what they were wearing.

After we were finished with the ICBF people, they brought the kids into the room. They were so excited, and in such a hurry to get to us that they all got stuck for a second in the doorway. It was kinda funny and also very cute. We did our hugs and Oscar and Diana started talking to us a mile a minute in Spanish - just enough to make me realize again how bad my Spanish really is. Mayerly (that´s how she identifies herself and what the other kids call her - yes! I love that name!) and Claudia went straight for the toys that were in the room.

We gave them their backpacks that were loaded with all kinds of things. They loved that too.

Then we left to go back to the B&B. The kids all thought we were going to "los estados unidos", so we had to break it to them that we were only going to go to a hotel (B&B) for now. Lucia´s son (who drove and transated for us today) explained to them that there are many papers for us to complete before they can go to los estados unidos. I still don´t think any of them (except maybe Oscar) get that. But that´s okay, we can deal.

All in all, things have gone pretty well considering. Oscar and Diana are both pretty well behaved. Mayerly is very quiet and sweet. She will wander off and play alone by herself until we take a head count and have to go looking for her. And Claudia, whoa - where do I start... the child does not like to hear the word No - EVER. She´s had three major (throw herself on the ground kicking, screaming and crying) tantrums since we got to the B&B. All those began with us telling her No. No, you can´t go outside to play unless you put your shoes on. No, you can´t wear your new pajamas (over her clothes no less) to dinner (this was a problem for some reason with all the girls, but the other two took them off when I told them to). And finally, No you can´t jump from the top bunk down onto Mami y Papi´s bed and you really need to go to sleep in your bed now...

We´re really hoping tomorrow is better for Claudia... and us with her.

After about 5 visits to the baƱo to "chi-chi" in about 20 minutes, turning the lamp on about a half dozen times (Tim finally took the bulb out) and again trying to climb into Oscar´s bed (the top bunk). Tim finally just laid in bed with her until she went to sleep.

Hopefully, pictures tomorrow! Hasta Luego...


Christy said...

Your second night together...hope things are going well. We are praying for you all...for Oscar and Diana to know they don't have to be perfect...for Claudia to understand that your no's are for her best...and just for all of you as you come together as a family. Hope to see some photos soon! Your adventure together has begun!! :)

Kevin Tina Bailey Frankie Toni said...

Tim that automatic parenting mode already kicked in. Major laugh out of that one. We are praying for all of you. I can't wait until they get to meet their cousins. Bailey says hi she would text you if that were at all possible. Ha. Life will never be the same again. It only gets richer.

Mike, Val, Blakely and Luke said...

Love the details of the latest post. Anne, you're a natural blogger! Can't wait to see pics!!!! Tina and the girls are down here in Wichita. We read the "encuentro" together.....and ALL laughed so hard at the part where Tim just removed the light bulb!! Take care and stay safe.. while we egearly await your return!!

Mike, Val, Blakely and Luke said...

...that's EAGERLY awaiting your return!!

Tim & Anne said...

Don´t worry, Oscar and Diana (and even Mayerly) are starting to test us now. They aren´t worried anymore about being perfect! I don´t think we are going to experience the "honeymoon" phase that everyone talks about. God give us the strength to handle 3 hard heads and 1 passive aggressive... Oy...