Monday, January 26, 2009

Parque Jaime Duque

This past weekend we went to Parque Jaime Duque. It is a very small amusement park with very simple rides - nothing like Worlds of Fun. The kids had a great time and there were no real tantrums on this outing (yahoo!). Jaime Duque was a pioneer in Colombian aviation and he had the park built for the people of Colombia to enjoy. It is north of Bogota about 45 minutes to an hour and it is a beautiful setting because you can see the Andes Mountains to the east and west. It usually rains here everyday for at least a little while, but the day we went it didn´t rain. It was just gorgeous. A good day to get out of the city.

The main boulevard in the park

Papi and the kids in front of an Avianca airplane

Claudia and Mayerly on the carousel

Diana and Oscar on the carousel

Inside Parque Jaime Duque
-Ciao de Colombia - Tim & Anne


Rob and Janeen said...

Nice pictures! Kids are looking happy and comfortable with Papi Tim. The Andes mountains are beautiful in or near Bogota and Pereira. It's about 10 degrees and sleet, with 1 to 3 inches of snow in the next couple of days. Glad you and the kids are having a great time. Speaking of World of Fun, the Zambezee Zinger is in a park in Pereira, thought that was interesting.

Rob and Janeen

CathyO said...

Love the pictures of the sites! It is a very beautiful country. We have friends that were Missionaries there for 25 years. They moved a couple of years ago to Caracas, Venezuela.
The kids look like they are beginning to calm down and have fun with you all...are ya worn out yet?

CathyO said...

Have they asked to go home yet, to K.C.? If you hurry, Tim and the kids can play in the snow, while you make hot chocolate and chili.(something to warm the insides) because it is cold here.

Jeff said...

Hey.... You think that we have forgetten about you. No! I was no able to find the email with your website until today. I look over all your pictures and Me (dalila) have tears on my eyes to see all your great moments specially when you first met all your children. I am glad that you both are enjoying your time. It looks like a wonderful place! If the kids can see this Hola ninos tienen unos papas maravillosos, cuidenlos mucho por que ellos los van a cuidar !!! "I just told them to wake up in the middle of the night so Tim can keep practicing his patience" jaja no. I told them you are wonderful parents to take care of you because you are ready to take care of them.
I am happy to see Oscar smiling. The girls seems pretty caring with Tim.

The park is beatiful Anne. Enjoy the weather so far here in Illinois we are at 9 degrees. Anne are you eating your tacos with everything on it?

Take care

Dalila, Jeff and Nicole.

Tim & Anne said...

There are no tacos here :-(. However, we did have arepas one night at a restaurant close to the B&B - they are fabulous!
Glad we are missing all the snow!