Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Passport Photos

This morning we decided to go out for ice cream as a snack between breakfast and lunch. So we are out walking down Calle 116 (a street here in Bogota) when a man comes up to us holding a cell phone up to Tim and talking to him in Spanish. After listening to him, I (Anne) understood him to say that his name was Andres and that he had Lucia on the phone. Tim tried to talk to Lucia, but the traffic and the kids were too noisy - so he handed the phone to me (I still couldn´t hear her very well either). I did pick out something about passport photos and Andres was making camera gestures with his hands - so we went back to the B&B with him. Three of the French families (who are all also adopting) were waiting for us. I had to change Claudia´s shirt because Andres said that is was too light colored for the passport photo. I also had to take out the ponytail holders I had in the girls´hair because they can´t have anything in their hair for the pictures.

After everyone was fixed up, we all walked to the mall. The people on the street were all kind of looking at our little procession of foreigners a bit funny. I guess we did look unusual.

At the mall we went to "Photo Japon" and all the kids got their pictures taken. After that we went to McDonald´s and got ice cream (as promised to the kids earlier) since we didn´t make it before to the ice cream shop (Mimi´s). Below are pictures of the kids eating their ice cream cones.

Mayerly - always the slowest eater...

Me Gusta Helado

Later, after lunch we went to Maku (a store that sells only items made in Colombia). We decided to leave the kids with the ladies at the B&B due to the fact that there are MANY breakable items in the store. When we left, they were outside playing. We didn´t say good-bye to avoid any tantrums or clinging-to-Papi Claudias. We were gone for about two hours. We came back with snacks for us and the kids. The kids met us at the door (except Mayerly, who was glued to the TV like a little zombie). Papi took them outside while Mami hid the stuff we bought in our room. While we were eating our snacks, Oscar told me that Diana had gone looking for me while we were gone. She thought that I was in the bathroom. We all had a big laugh about Diana thinking that I had been in the bathroom for two hours. Don´t worry, she laughed too - she doesn´t take too many things very seriously (that can be good and bad).
Mas Tarde.
Tim y Anne

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CathyO said...

How long does it take for the kids to get their passports? The kids look like they are really having fun...the amusement park...ice cream, great memories. Hope your taking lots of pictures...