Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pictures from Monserrate 01/20/09

View of Bogota (population almost 9 million) from the top of Monserrate

...from the Gondola going down Monserrate

...from the Gondola looking at the tracks for train we took up

This picture was taken by David (he has served us well as interpreter and driver) at the top of Monserrate. Bogota is at about 8,000 feet, Monserrate is even higher - I (Anne) had just gotten used to the altitude of the city. I was back to not being able to breathe again up here, and all the walking was uphill.


Kevin Tina Bailey Frankie Toni said...

What a nice looking family that is. Except for the goofy guy in the hat. Just joking. That is a great picture. Are you learning more spanish or are the kids learning more english?

Tim & Anne said...

We are learning more spanish. Tim can´t pronounce anything correctly so the kids all look at me to interpret his spanish.

The kids don´t feel any urgency here (in Colombia) to learn english. The need should hit them in about Atlanta when we come back home...