Friday, January 30, 2009


Below is a picture of the B&B where we are staying. Our room is the one on the second floor that is brown and has the big window. Everyone else staying here is French. We are the only Americans (and also the only ones with four kids who are older).

Wednesday we signed the final adoption paperwork (aka "sentencia"). Lucia called us that morning after breakfast and told us that Tim needed to be ready in a half hour to go sign the papers.
Thursday, he had to go with Oscar Abril ( our attorney) to get new birth certificates for all the kids (I´ll let him tell you about that since it took almost all day). I had the kids by myself all day and had to take them to ICBF for our second (and final) appointment - which went fine.
Today we went to get all the kids their Colombian passports (which they will need to leave Colombia). After that we took all the kids to see the doctor (which is required by the US prior to bringing them into the country). He did four reports, which are sealed, that we have to take to the US Embassy on Monday. Tuesday we will do laundry and pack. Wednesday (Feb 4th) we should be coming home!
Below is a picture that one of the French families took of us inside the B&B:

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CathyO said...

Yeah, it is the six Verhulsts...! Whewee...wore me out just reading what you had to go through...but it appears to be worth it! They definitely look like keepers!