Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Made It!!!

We arrived in Bogota last night at about 11:00 PM (eastern time in the US - that´s 10:00 central). It took us forever to get our luggage (we were some of the last people out of there). It was probably closer to 12:00 by the time we got through customs (we didn´t have the correct paperwork, so we both had to fill out a new customs claim form). Then we changed our dollars for pesos and saw the cab driver holding our name on a piece of paper - so we went with him. We were so tired from the travel that we didn´t even unpack last night. I (Anne) just went to bed with my clothes on. The four hours sleep we got from packing the night before really caught up with us! I also don´t sleep on airplanes, and Tim only slept a little on both flights.

This morning we got up after 8:00 and went to breakfast around 9:00. After that we did a little paperwork with Carmen (the director?) of the B&B. There are only a few other couples here to adopt right now, and I think that they are all French (but they were nice and speak a little English). Before lunch we went for a walk to look for a store called Maku that sells Colombian items. I bought a really bright colored purse and a shot glass for an associate that told me that is all he wanted for the help he provided us with our adoption. We plan to go back later to get some more things for family and the kids.

I took a couple of pictures so far. I will post them later. We are going to the mall now to check it out. Hasta luego.

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Christy said...

Praying for you guys!